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Learning from Global Economic Crises: Lessons for and from the Social Sciences

Pierre Werner Chair (RSCAS) and Max Weber Programme Conference, Villa la Fonte, 11 May 2011

Global economic crises, such as the European Crisis of 1931, or the still unresolved current crisis, reveal social and economic problems often dormant in normal times. In this they offer very valuable lessons to social scientists. In turn, during times of crisis, social scientists are challenged to come up with explanations and solutions, thus to identify and develop valid theories and to separate the facts from unsubstantiated claims.

This conference will provide a platform for dialogue among the different disciplines on how to better understand the causes and immediate consequences of global economic crises, as well as our long-term responses to them. We encourage looking at both the current crisis as well as global economic crisies of the past. Humanity has faced crises during its history and has overcome them. Do past solutions help us provide new ones? Are the reactions and consequences of past crisis instructive as to what we might expect to result from the crisis today?  

Conference Programme 

Conference Organizers: 

Alexandre Afonso, SPS
Giunia Gatta, SPS
Marco Gobbato, LAW
Masanori Kashiwagi, ECO
Reuben Kline, SPS
Jan Klingelhoefer, ECO
Nathan Marcus, HEC
Anne-Isabelle Richard, HEC
Yane Svetiev, LAW
Rebecca Zahn, LAW
Galina Zapryanova, SPS

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