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Max Weber Programme Lustrum Conference

Villa la Fonte, 8-10 June 2011

The latin word lustrum refers both to a period of five years and to the celebratory ritual which marked such a period of rule and government.

During this year’s Max Weber Fellows June Conference the programme celebrates its first five years of existence and experience. A good time to show the Max Weber Fellows’ contribution to the Social Sciences and Humanities, and to Academia.

The Conference starts on Wednesday 8 June, 9.00 and lasts till Friday 10 June 14.00. Panels all take place in Villa la Fonte.

Wednesday 8 June
Plenary session:
17.15 Ramon Marimon, Director Max Weber Programme, “Leaning into the Wind: Five Years of the Max Weber Programme”
17.30 Keynote lecture Donald Rubin (Harvard) “On Causality: the analysis of job-training experiments”

Thursday 9 June
Plenary session:
17.15 -19.00 Academic Careers in the Social Sciences

Conference Programme

Papers are visible on our intranet platform Moodle. If necessary please contact [email protected]

Organizing Committee: 

Uditi Sen, HEC Fellow (gen. rep)
Heng Wang, LAW Fellow
Matthew Hoelle, ECO Fellow
Galina Zapryanova, SPS Fellow
Karin Tilmans, Academic Coordinator
Ramon Marimon, Director 

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