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Max Weber Programme and LAW Department Conference on Neil MacCormick

Legal Reasoning and European Laws: the Perspective of Neil MacCormick

Co-sponsored by LAW Department, Max Weber Programme, Global Governance Programme (RSCAS) and The Legal and Political Theory Working Group, European University Institute

Villa la Fonte, Friday 21 May 2010

Sir Neil MacCormick (1941-2009) was one of the most distinguished legal philosophers and scholars of our generation. Educated in Glasgow and Oxford, he taught and wrote extensively on a wide range of subjects from philosophy to constitutional European law. In MacCormick we find a unique combination of a passionate commitment to the Scottish National party and to the cause of Scottish independence with a rigorous intellectual pursuit of the questions of sovereignty and European nationality. This conference aims to pay tribute to the wide range of his scholarship and explore the interconnections between the issues that engaged him throughout his career. The intention is to contribute not only to the fields of legal philosophy and the political theory of the European Union, but also to foster cooperation between scholars from both areas.


Conference Programme 


For organizational purposes, please register with Marliese Becker


Conference Speakers and Papers (in panel order):

Josep Borrell, President, EUI  
Neil Walker, Edinburgh University (Paper)
Massimo La Torre, University of Catanzaro / University of Hull
Jeremy Waldron, New York University / Oxford University (Paper)
Vittorio Villa, Palermo University (Paper)
Giorgio Pino, Palermo University
Aldo Schiavello, Palermo University (Paper)
David Duarte, Lisbon University (Paper)
Antonino Rotolo, Bologna University  
Giorgio Bongiovanni, Bologna University
Corrado Roversi, Bologna University
Christoph Moellers, Humboldt University
Nico Krisch, Hertie School of Governance (Paper)
Mattias Kumm, New York University 
Nenad Stojanovic, University of Zürich (Paper)


Commentators (in alphabetical order)

Matej Avbelj, European Faculty of Law, Nova Gorica
Jernej Letnar Cernic, MW Fellow
Gianluigi Fioriglio, MW Fellow 
Miriam Ronzoni, MW Fellow
Irit Samet, MW Fellow
Christian Schemmel, MW Fellow 

Conference Organizers (in alphabetical order):

Elaine Fahey, MW Fellow
Dennis Patterson, Professor, EUI
Irit Samet, MW Fellow
Giovanni Sartor, Professor, EUI

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