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Globalization and Inequalities: Reflections on the Development of a Divided World

San Domenico di Fiesole,
Villa la Fonte, 12-13 June 2008

Across time and geographical context, inequalities of income, status (gender, race, culture, religion) and capabilities have manifested themselves by means of different institutional arrangements that have governed human interactions. In an era of globalization, market mechanisms are generating new structures of inequalities both between as well as within countries and regions. Historians, political scientists, economists and legal theorists are all grappling with the issue of understanding, defining and evaluating the formation of inequalities and equalities. Grappling with this issue has acquired pressing urgency given the tensions experienced in forging social, economic, political and cultural interaction in a very pluralistic world.

This conference seeks to bring together leading scholars from diverse disciplines to explore both historical and contemporary evocations of the different dimensions of inequalities. The hope is that a multidisciplinary examination can deepen the understanding of the phenomena and positively inform explorations of policy measures to fulfil the aspiration to a just world order.

Programme (.pdf)

Conference Organizers

Umut Aydin, Max Weber Fellow 2007-2008

Lars Boerner, Max Weber Fellow 2007-2008

Eszter Bartha, Max Weber Fellow 2007-2008

Arthur Dyevre, Max Weber Fellow 2007-2008

Heather Jones, Max Weber Fellow 2007-2008

Antonio Stopani, Max Weber Fellow 2007-2008

Joanna Wolszczak-Derlach, Max Weber Fellow 2007-2008



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