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The Future of Europeanization: European Policies in the Making

Max Weber Programme and James Madison University Graduate Symposium

San Domenico di Fiesole, Villa La Fonte, 7 June 2010

Co-organized by James Madison University in Florence and Max Weber Programme, EUI


The Max Weber Programme and James Madison University’s Master in European Union Policy Studies will hold their Third Joint Graduate Symposium on European Policies.

The aim of the symposium is to establish a platform for JMU’s master’s students to present their work and ideas about the EU in the professional setting of an academic conference. The papers will discuss the various policies adopted by the European Union, appreciate their effectiveness and analyze their impact, in order to better understand the European Union as a system of governance.

As two institutions promoting academic excellence, the EUI and JMU will grant an award for the best paper.

This year, the symposium is honored by the presence of Prof. Simon Hix, from the London School of Economics and Political Science, who will deliver a keynote speech. 

Please register with Ayse Idil Aybars ([email protected]) by 2 June 2010.

Keynote Lecture


Conference Organizers:

Ayse Idil Aybars, Max Weber Fellow, EUI

Igor Guardanich, MWP, EUI

Caterina Paolucci, Academic Coordinator, JMU 


This is just one of the events created by the collaboration between the EUI and JMU, which comprises several other events and opportunities throughout the year.

If you wish to be informed about joint projects, propose collaborations or join existing ones, please contact Caterina Paolucci ([email protected]), the Academic Coordinator of JMU, or consult the Homepage of JMU’s European Studies Programme in Florence.


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