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Integration without EU membership in Europe: models, experiences, perspectives

Max Weber Programme and Department of Law, EUI, 23-24 May 2008

The aim of this international workshop was to compare four different models of integration between the EU and European countries that do not have, for the time being, an accession perspective.

In defining the geographical scope of the inquiry, the guiding principle has been to include both the Eastern and Western neighbours, and to examine both structured (ENP, EEA) and ad hoc (Russia, Switzerland) relations. The ENP and EEA cases will be examined by reference to the situation of Norway and Ukraine.

The first session provides a general overview of the relevant legal and political frameworks for 'integration without membership', and of their development perspective.

The second session is devoted to a more focused analysis of 'legal Europeanization', comparing national experiences.

The third session will have as its specific object the prospective conclusion of new agreements between the EU and the third countries concerned.

Programme (pdf.)

Final Report from Workshop (.pdf)


Conference Papers

Bruzelius: The impact of EU values on third countries’ national legal orders: EU Law as a point of reference in the Norwegian legal system

Cremona: The European Neighborhood Policy as a Framework for Modernization

Kalinichenko: Problems and Perspectives of Modernizing the Legal Backgrounds for the EU-Russia Strategic Partnership

Maiani: Legal Europeanization as Legal Transformation A Swiss Perspective

Muraviov: The Impact of the EU Aquis and Values on the Internal Legal Order of Ukraine

Petrov: The new EU-Ukraine Enhanced Agreement versus the EU-Ukraine Partnership and Cooperation Agreement: Transitional path or final destination?

Potyomkina: The Political and Legal Framework of the Relationships between Russia and the EU

Schwok: Towards a Framework Agreement in the context of the ‘Bilaterals III’?


Conference Organizers

Francesco Maiani, Former Max Weber Fellow, EUI

Roman Petrov, Former Max Weber Fellow, EUI

Ekaterina Mouliarova, Former Max Weber Fellow, EUI

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