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Max Weber Fellows' Contribution to Social Sciences and Humanities


San Domenico di Fiesole
Villa la Fonte, 10-12 June 2009


The 2009 June conference of the Max Weber Programme will bring past and present Fellows under the roof of the Villa La Fonte for the first time. The conference is meant to provide a perspective of the ‘Max Weber Fellows' contributions to Social Sciences and Humanities’ in research and academia. It will also be a forum to foster cross-disciplinary and inter-cohort academic collaboration, and to reflect on the MWP experience, which can be of benefit for incoming cohorts of Fellows.

MWP Alumni Conference Programme



Check below the conference papers and presentations:


Interdisciplinary panel

Rinku Lamba, Reflections on the Emergence of a Non-Western Model of Liberalism in Modern India
Mariano Barbato, Brigitte Le Normand, Chiara de Franco, How to do God in politics. Lessons from the Apparitions of Medjugorje and the Movement of St. Egidio
Wojciech Zaluski, Human Nature after Darwin
Matei Demetrescu, Pitfalls of Post-Model-Selection Testing: Experimental quantification
Jeanine Miklos-Thal, Nomination Contests: Theory and Empirical Evidence from Professional Soccer


Welfare State, Health, Human Rights

Rasmus Hoffmann, Are Socioeconomic Differences in Mortality greater in a more equal Society?
Margherita Fort, Health-Education Gradient in Europe
Raya Muttarak, Any Benefits from Growing Up in an Interethnic Family? Evidence from Health Access and Cognitive Development of Mixed Ethnic Children, Second Generation and Native Children in the UK
Andras Miklos, Public Health and the Right of States
Yoko Akachi, Developing civil registration systems in countries with least coverage
Juan Raphael Morillas, The Welfare State and Income Redistribution
Alexander Peine, The rise of the “Innosumer” – how baby boomers will shape the future of consumer products


Panel on Academic experience

Anna lo Prete, University of Turin - E-learning platforms: creating and managing an online course in Moodle
Mariely Lopez-Santana, The transition from graduate school/post-doctoral fellowship to a full-time position
Stephanie Mudge, The American job talk: Notes on interviewing at a research university
Valentina Fava, Politics and Academia: Practising Gender Equality in Science
Brigitte Le Normand, Educating the Majority: teaching in non-top-tier American Universities


ECO Panel

Thomas Hintermaier, Debt Portfolios
Fang Xu, Testing for unit roots in bounded non-stationary time series
Paolo Pin, On Price Dispersion, Search Externalities, and the Digital Divide
Joanna Wolszczak-Derlacz, The impact of trade and outsourcing on skill specific wage convergence in an integrating Europe
Gianmario Impullitti, Global Innovation Races and Wage Inequality
Roberto Galbiati, Spillover Effects in Crime: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Maria Heracleous, Retargeting conditional cash transfer programs: The case of Oportunidades in urban Mexico
Carlos J. Ponce, Waiting to copy: On the dynamics of licensing


HEC Panel

Violet Soen, Patronage and Politics during the Dutch Revolt: The case of loyal noblemen revisited
Sakis Gekas, Manuel Borutta, The Colonial Mediterranean; A Workshop report
Roberta Pergher, Settling Differences - Toward a Transnational History of Fascist Imperialism
Katja Haustein, From Sight to Site: Walter Benjamin's Self-Portraits
Iryna Vushko, The Napoleonic Test


SPS Panel

Marc Berenson, Where and How Is Political Culture Relevant to Post-Communist Governance? Deciphering the Whys of Extractive and Distributive Policy Implementation in Poland, Russia and Ukraine
Helen Callaghan, Pride and prejudice? Motives for economic patriotism in the market for corporate control
Ruben Ruiz Rufino, Understanding Electoral System change
Anne Rasmussen, Does Europe affect how interest groups interact with their national political parties?
Jan Meyer-Sahling, Sustainability of Civil Service reforms in Central and Eastern Europe Five Years after EU Accession


LAW Panel

Stéphane Beaulac, Étude croisée Italie / Canada sur l’immunité des États et le jus cogens en droit international
Cristina Poncibò, Some thoughts on the methodological approach to EC Consumer Law Reform
Roman Petrov, Europeanisation of Third Country Judiciaries: The Cases of Russia and Ukraine
Ottavio Quirico, A Purely Formal Theory of Law - The Deontic Network

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