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The instruments of Eurozone fiscal surveillance through the lens of the soft law/hard law dichotomy : looking for a new approach

Author: DERMINE, Paul
Citation: Journal of banking regulation, 2021, OnlineFirst
Year: 2021
Abstract: The past decade has profoundly reshaped the fiscal governance system of the Eurozone. Supranational prerogatives vis-à-vis State budgets have been …

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Multinational corporations and the politics of international trade in multidisciplinary perspective

Authors: BALLOR, Grace Ann; YILDIRIM, Aydin
Citation: Business and politics, 2020, Vol. 22, No. 4, pp. 573-586
Year: 2020
Abstract: From the technical analyses of wide ranges of scholars to the public discourse backlashes against globalization, there is a huge volume of work …

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Citizenship stripping, fair procedures, and the separation of powers : a critical comment on Damache v Minister for Justice

Author: CASEY, Conor
Citation: The modern law review, 2021, OnlineFirst
Year: 2021
Abstract: Damache v Minister for Justice concerned a constitutional challenge to section 19 of the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act 1956. This section …

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Evolution of conditional cooperation in public good games

Citation: The royal society open science, 2021, Vol. 7, Art. 191567,, OnlineOnly
Year: 2021
Abstract: Cooperation declines in repeated public good games because individuals behave as conditional cooperators. This is because individuals imitate the …

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Evolution of altruistic punishments among heterogeneous conditional cooperators

Author: BATTU, Balaraju
Citation: Scientific reports, 2021, Vol. 11, Art. 10502, OnlineOnly
Year: 2021
Abstract: It has been known that altruistic punishments solve the free rider problem in public goods games. Considering spatial structure and considering pure …

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Can supranational law enhance democracy? : EU economic law as a market-democratizing project

Author: TAGIURI, Giacomo
Citation: European journal of international law, 2021, Vol. 32, No. 1, pp. 57-89
Year: 2021
Abstract: This article focuses on the economic regulatory component of the current backlash against liberal democracy and supranationalism in the European …

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ERTA and us : shifting constitutional equilibria on the visions of Europe

Author: PETTI, Alessandro
Citation: European papers, 2021, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 567-578
Year: 2021
Abstract: The ERTA case marks the constitutional inception of EU external relations. It laid the foundations for the legal framework governing the exercise of …

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Diasporic foreign policy interest groups in the United States : democracy, conflict, and political entrepreneurship

Authors: PRASAD, Shubha Kamala; Savatic, Filip
Citation: Perspectives on politics, 2021, OnlineFirst
Year: 2021
Abstract: Why do some immigrant diasporas in the United States (U.S.) establish foreign policy interest groups while others do not? While scholars have …

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