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Investment treaties and national governance in India : rearrangements, empowerment, and discipline

Citation: Leiden journal of international law, 2021, OnlineFirst
Year: 2021
Abstract: This article presents selected findings on India relating to the effects of international investment agreements (IIAs) on national governance. Our…

Genoese galley contractors and shipping connections in a polycentric empire (sixteenth and seventeenth centuries)

Author: MARECHAUX, Benoit
Citation: Hispania, 2020, Vol. 80, No. 264, pp. 47-77
Year: 2020
Abstract: This article analyses the role played by the squadron of Genoese galley contractors in facilitating connections between territories belonging to the…

Domesticating' and differentiating the European Union : parliamentary EU experts in the Assemblée Nationale and the Bundestag

Author: THOMAS, Anja
Citation: Politique Européenne, 2020, Vol. 67-68, No. 1-2, pp. 158-186
Year: 2020
Abstract: The article reveals how the patterning of European affairs in the Assemblee Nationale and the Bundestag goes hand in hand with a divergence in the…

Friendly fire : the trade impact of the Russia sanctions and counter-sanctions

Authors: CROZET, Matthieu; HINZ, Julian
Citation: Economic policy, 2020, Vol. 35, No. 101, pp. 97-146
Year: 2020
Abstract: Economic sanctions are a frequently used instrument of foreign policy. In a diplomatic conflict, they aim to elicit a change in the policies of a…

Ennahdha and the expansion of Tunisian Islamic associations : claiming political Islam beyond the partisan sphere

Author: SIGILLÒ, Ester
Citation: Annee du Maghreb, 2020, Vol. 22, Art. 6363, OnlineOnly
Year: 2020
Abstract: After the fall of Ben Ali's regime in 2011, the opening of socio-political opportunities allowed the emergence of new forms of Islamic engagement in…

Nationalizing international relief : Romanian responses to American aid for children in the great war era

Author: CRETU, Doina Anca
Citation: European review of history, 2020, Vol. 27, No. 4, pp. 527-547
Year: 2020
Abstract: This article examines the interactions between American humanitarian agendas and initiatives and domestic efforts for child relief in Romania in the…

Cooperating with evil? : accountability in peace operations and the evolution of the United Nations human rights due diligence policy

Author: HIRSCHMANN, Gisela
Citation: Cooperation and conflict, 2020, Vol. 55, No. 1, pp. 22-40
Year: 2020
Abstract: International organizations (IOs) usually cooperate with national actors in order to implement global decisions and policies. This cooperation has…

Banks, power, and political institutions : the divergent priorities of European states towards "too-big-to-fail" banks : the cases of competition in retail banking and the banking structural reform

Author: MASSOC, Elsa
Citation: Business and politics, 2020, Vol. 22, No. 1, pp. 135-160
Year: 2020
Abstract: This article examines how two dynamics, one global and one domestic, have interacted to shape the politics of banking in Europe. In the aftermath of…
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