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Governing without being in power? : controversial promises for a new transition to the rule of law in Hungary

Author: BAKÓ, Beáta Csilla
Citation: Zeitschrift für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht / Heidelberg Journal of International Law, 2022, Vol. 82, pp. 223-254
Year: 2022
Abstract: After 12 years of the governance of the national-conservative Fidesz in Hungary, from 2020 on, there seemed to be a real chance that the united …

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‘Reform or revolution’, redux : Eduard Bernstein on the 1918–19 German revolution

Author: OSTROWSKI, Marius
Citation: Historical research, 2022, OnlineFirst
Year: 2022
Abstract: The 1918–19 German Revolution forced an abrupt moment of decision among German socialists on the question of ‘social reform or revolution’. This …

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Carl Schmitt in Hungary : constitutional crisis in the shadow of Covid-19

Author: MÉSZÁROS, Gábor
Citation: Review of central and east European law, 2021, Vol. 46, No. 1, pp. 69-90
Year: 2021
Abstract: This paper discusses Hungarian constitutionalism and the emergency model which can be called an ‘autocratic’ emergency model in which the …

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The alegality of blockchain technology

Authors: DE FILIPPI, Primavera; MANNAN, Morshed; REIJERS, Wessel
Citation: Policy and society, 2022, OnlineFirst
Year: 2022
Abstract: Similar to the early days of the Internet, today, the effectiveness and applicability of legal regulations are being challenged by the advent of …

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Judging a declaration : Condorcet, rights and the general will in 1789

Author: MCCRUDDEN ILLERT, Kathleen
Citation: French history, 2022, OnlineFirst
Year: 2022
Abstract: This article argues that a study of unpublished notes for a treatise on the Déclaration des droits, written by the marquis de Condorcet in 1789, …

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The making of a Holocaust denier : Ingrid Rimland, Mennonites, and gender in white supremacy, 1945–2000

Author: GOOSSEN, Benjamin Waltner
Citation: Antisemitism studies, 2021, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp. 233-265
Year: 2021
Abstract: The novelist Ingrid Rimland became a prominent Holocaust denier in North America during the 1990s. Before embracing neo-Nazism, Rimland won acclaim …

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Essential jobs, remote work and digital surveillance : addressing the COVID-19 pandemic panopticon

Authors: ALOISI, Antonio; DE STEFANO, Valerio
Citation: International labour review, 2021, OnlineFirst
Year: 2021
Abstract: COVID-19-induced digital surveillance has ballooned in an unprecedented fashion, causing a reconfiguration of power relationships in professional …

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Preferences for a mixed-sex composition of offspring : a multigenerational approach

Author: QUERIN, Federica
Citation: Population studies, 2022, OnlineFirst
Year: 2022
Abstract: Parents with two boys or two girls are more likely to have a third child than those with a ‘sex mix’. However, little is known on whether these …

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