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The republican core of the case for judicial review : a reply to Tom Hickey : why political constitutionalism requires equality of power and weak review

Author: BELLAMY, Richard (Richard Paul)
Citation: International journal of constitutional law, 2019, Vol. 17, No. 1, pp. 317-328
Year: 2019

Was the Brexit referendum legitimate, and would a second one be so?

Author: BELLAMY, Richard (Richard Paul)
Citation: European political science, 2019, Vol. 18, No. 1, pp. 126-133
Year: 2019
Abstract: This article suggests that common arguments questioning the legitimacy of the first Brexit referendum prove flawed, as do certain others supporting…

Islamization of criminal behaviour : the path to terrorism? : terrorist threat and crime in French counterterrorism policy-formulation

Author: D'AMATO, Silvia
Citation: European journal of criminology, 2019, OnlineFirst
Year: 2019
Abstract: Several studies have covered wide-ranging features of terrorist groups and organization from both a state-centric and a strictly group analysis…

Limit your applications : dealing with congested markets in the matching procedure

Authors: BALTER, Janine; RANCAN, Michela; SENYUTA, Olena
Citation: International journal of computational economics and econometrics, 2016, Vol. 6, No. 4, pp. 413-431
Year: 2016
Abstract: We study congested matching markets, such as the PhD academic job market, and consider alternative mechanisms that could be implemented by a social…

A legal history of the EU's international investment policy

Author: BASEDOW, Johann Robert
Citation: Journal of world investment & trade, 2016, Vol. 17, No. 5, pp. 743-772
Year: 2016
Abstract: The article traces the evolution of the legal competences of the European Union (EU) in international investment regulation from the Spaak Report…

Oil and civil conflict : can public spending have a mitigation effect?

Authors: BODEA, Cristina; HIGASHIJIMA, Masaaki; SINGH, Raju Jan
Citation: World development, 2016, Vol. 78, pp. 1-12
Year: 2016
Abstract: This paper explores the conditions under which public spending could minimize violent conflict related to oil wealth. Previous work on the resource…

International inequality of environmental pressures : decomposition and comparative analysis

Authors: TEIXIDO-FIGUERAS, Jordi; STEINBERGER, Julia K.; KRAUSMANN, Fridolin; HABERL, Helmut; WIEDMANN, Thomas; PETERS, Glen P.; DURO, Juan A.; KASTNER, Thomas
Citation: Ecological indicators, 2016, Vol. 62, pp. 163-173
Year: 2016
Abstract: Natural resource scarcity is no longer merely a remote possibility and governments increasingly seek information about the global distribution of…

The challenge of asylum detention to refugee protection

Authors: DE BRUYCKER, Philippe; TSOURDI, Evangelia (Lilian)
Citation: Refugee survey quarterly, 2016, Vol. 62, pp. 1-6
Year: 2016
Abstract: Detention poses a specific challenge to refugee protectiondetained asylum-seekers risk not being able to file and meaningfully pursue their claim and…
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