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Max Weber Programme Working Papers

Reassuring the markets : the new politics of social concertation in acute crisis times

Author: TASSINARI, Arianna
Year: 2021
Abstract: Why do governments facing economic and financial crises sometimes engage organised producer groups in policymaking through social concertation, and…

Guerra ed economia : la graduale distruzione della Libia

Author: CAPASSO, Matteo
Year: 2020
Abstract: This paper questions dominant analyses about Libya’s present ‘war economy’ and ‘statelessness’, which are often deployed to explain the country’s…

How European public broadcasters favour programme homogeneity : the (in)effectiveness of Public Broadcasting Service regulation

Author: TROUILLARD, Pauline Isabelle Sylvie
Citation: Florence : European University Institute, 2020
Year: 2020
Abstract: The end of the monopoly and the liberalization of the sector have seriously challenged the content and the quality of the programmes displayed on…

Altered risks or static divides? : labor market inequality during the Great Recession

Authors: RAY, Ari; SCHWANDER, Hanna
Year: 2020
Abstract: European countries during the Great Recession had to deal with massive economic shocks, leading to a surge in employment insecurity. How was this…

Rousseau’s critique of nature and the transformation of man

Author: SOYEMI, Eniola Anuoluwapo
Year: 2020
Abstract: Much of the scholarship on Rousseau leads us to believe that Rousseau took either an exalted or an ambivalent view of nature, and that his political…

Search capital and unemployment duration

Year: 2020
Abstract: In the last recession, the increase in long-term unemployment has been higher for younger workers than for older age groups. I propose a novel…

Lost in transition? : freedom of contract in Poland and the Central European experience

Author: GROCHOWSKI, Mateusz Fabian
Year: 2020
Abstract: The present foundations of contract law in Central Europe developed in a compound way, under a constant “center” – “peripheries” tension. In the 20th…

Reshaping skills, industrial relations and social protection for the knowledge economy : evidence from Germany

Authors: DIESSNER, Sebastian; DURAZZI, Niccolo; HOPE, David
Year: 2020
Abstract: Technological change has meant that university-educated workers have become crucial to the production strategies of ICT-intensive, high-end exporting…
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