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Max Weber Programme Working Papers

Unpacking Lebanon's resilience : undermining state institutions and consolidating the system?

Author: MOUAWAD, Jamil
Year: 2017
Abstract: Despite ongoing crises Lebanon carries on adapting and accommodating itself to new realities and challenges. As a result, international and national…

Parliamentary procedures & interest group mobilization : evidence from the European Parliament's committees

Authors: COEN, David; KATSAITIS, Alexander
Year: 2017
Abstract: This paper contributes to discussions surrounding interest group representation in the European Parliament (EP). Different types of procedures effect…

Subjective performance evaluation of employees with biased beliefs

Authors: FOSCHI, Matteo; SANTOS-PINTO, Luís Pedro
Year: 2017
Abstract: This paper analyses how worker optimism (and pessimism) affects subjective performance evaluation (SPE) contracts. We let an optimistic (pessimistic)…

Adolescents’ educational aspirations and ethnicity : evidence on children of African and Latin American migrants in Spain

Authors: GRACIA, Pablo; GIL HERNÁNDEZ, Carlos J.
Year: 2017
Abstract: The study of aspirations among the children of migrants is critical to understanding the future integration and opportunities of ethnic-minority…

The battle of Gorizia (6-17 August 1916) : a turning point in Italy's war

Author: MARCUZZI, Stefano
Year: 2017
Abstract: The battle of Gorizia, also known as the sixth battle of the Isonzo, was fought on 2-17 August 1916. The Italian Chief of Staff, Luigi Cadorna,…

The combination of monetary and fiscal policy shocks : a TVP-FAVAR approach

Authors: MOLTENI, Francesco; PAPPA, Evi
Year: 2017
Abstract: This paper analyzes jointly the effects of monetary and fiscal policy shocks in the US economy using a factor augmented vector autoregressive model…

Taxation and redistribution in autocratic and democratic regimes over the long-run of history

Authors: SEELKOPF, Laura; LIERSE, Hanna
Year: 2017
Abstract: The introduction of the personal income tax has often coincided with phases of democratization in history. A common explanation is that the demands…

Intra-household sharing of financial resources : a review

Authors: KULIC, Nevena; DOTTI SANI, Giulia M.
Year: 2017
Abstract: Since the 1960s, the allocation of resources in couples has been the object of much research in both the fields of economics and sociology. Today,…
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