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Max Weber Programme Working Papers

Non-linearities and fiscal policy

Author: FOTIOU, Alexandra Aikaterini
Year: 2019
Abstract: Empirical evidence shows that fiscal multipliers depend on the state of the cycle, the nature of fiscal policy and the level of debt. In other words,…

European law from the perspective of societal constitutionalism

Author: BAQUERO, Pablo Marcello
Year: 2019
Abstract: This paper proposes that societal constitutionalism, as elaborated by Gunther Teubner, provides a potential legal approach to understand the…

Dispositional optimism (and pessimism) and saving decisions

Year: 2019
Abstract: In this paper I analyze the relationship between dispositional optimism (pessimism) and saving decisions. The key contribution of this paper is the…

Optimal taxation of employment and self-employment : evidence from Poland and implications

Author: ZAWISZA, Tomasz
Year: 2019
Abstract: I examine two central questions bearing on the optimal relative taxation of employment and self-employment income using the 2009 Polish reform.…

Contagious corruption : cross-country comparisons

Authors: SCHRAM, Arthur; ZHENG, Jin Di; ZHURAVLEVA, Tatyana
Year: 2019
Abstract: We investigate how prescriptive and descriptive norms affect the development of corruption over time. In particular, we are interested in whether the…

Social norms in corruption : a bribery experiment

Authors: GUERRA, Alice; ZHURAVLEVA, Tatyana
Year: 2019
Abstract: This paper analyzes social norms in corruption by exploring whether engagement in bribery induces costly third-party punishment. By introducing…

Slaves, migrants and development in Brazil, 1872-1923

Author: PAPADIA, Andrea
Year: 2019
Abstract: Brazil was the largest importer of slaves during the Atlantic slave trade. Yet, the lack of disaggregated data able to capture the intensity of…

Asset bubbles and product market competition

Author: QUEIRÓS, Francisco Vitorino
Year: 2019
Abstract: This paper studies the interactions between rational bubbles and product market competition. It offers two main insights. The first is that, by…
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