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Max Weber Programme Working Papers

Fiscal policy under constraints : fiscal capacity and the (in-)stability of government financing during the Great Depression

Author: PAPADIA, Andrea
Year: 2018
Abstract: The Great Depression, and the interwar period more generally, werecharacterized by macroeconomic mismanagement. Fiscal policy, in particular, was…

Corporate social responsibility and the law : international standards, regulatory theory and the Swiss responsible business initiative

Author: JENTSCH, Valentin
Year: 2018
Abstract: The relationship between corporate social responsibility and the law has changed considerably over time, and even today this relationship is not…

Vladimir Sappak’s humanism on Soviet TV

Author: KHAZANOV, Pavel
Year: 2018
Abstract: In his writings, the first Soviet critic of television, Vladimir Sappak (1921-1961) associates the new mass medium with a political vision typical of…

The effect of job-polarizing skill demands on the US wage structure

Author: KANTENGA, Kory
Year: 2018
Abstract: I present a quantitative model which accounts for changes in occupational wages, occupational employment shares, and the overall wage distribution.…

The effect of computer use on job quality : evidence from Europe

Authors: MENON, Seetha; SALVATORI, Andrea; ZWYSEN, Wouter
Year: 2018
Abstract: This paper studies changes in computer use and job quality in the EU-15 between 1995 and 2015. We document that while the proportion of workers using…

Continuous spatial monopolistic competition : matching goods with consumers

Authors: GORYUNOV, Maxim; KOKOVIN, Sergey; TABUCHI, Takatoshi
Year: 2018
Abstract: Our new approach enriches the general additive monopolistic competition model (AMCM) with a space of product characteristics: consumers' “ideal…

Unpacking Lebanon's resilience : undermining state institutions and consolidating the system?

Author: MOUAWAD, Jamil
Year: 2017
Abstract: Despite ongoing crises Lebanon carries on adapting and accommodating itself to new realities and challenges. As a result, international and national…

Parliamentary procedures & interest group mobilization : evidence from the European Parliament's committees

Authors: COEN, David; KATSAITIS, Alexander
Year: 2017
Abstract: This paper contributes to discussions surrounding interest group representation in the European Parliament (EP). Different types of procedures effect…
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