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Max Weber Interviews

Max Weber Interviews 2019-2020

  • Valerie J. Bunce (Cornell University) interviewed by two MW SPS Fellows, Alina Vranceanu and Tamara Popic
  • Richard Whatmore (University of St Andrews) interviewed by two MW HEC Fellows, Gašper Jakovac and Jorge Díaz Ceballos
  • Nadia Urbinati (Columbia University) interviewed by two MW Fellows, Johann Justus Vasel (LAW) and Ester Sigilló (RSCAS)
  • Marie-Janine Calic (Ludwig Maximilian University Munich) interviews by two MW HEC Fellows, Anca Cretu and Milica Prokic


Max Weber Interviews 2018-2019

  • Thomas Christiano (University of Arizona) interviewed by Jens van t' Klooster (MW Fellow, SPS)

  • William C. Roberts (McGill University) interviewed by Bruno Leipold (MW Fellow, SPS) and Pascale Siegrist (MW Fellow, HEC)
  • Catherine Schenk (University of Oxford) interviewed by Elsa Massoc (MW Fellow, SPS) and Andrea Papadia (MW Fellow, RSCAS)

  • Neil Walker (University of Edinburgh) interviewed by two MW LAW Fellows, Claire Bright and Emily Hancox
  • Annelien De Dijn (University of Utrecht) interviewed by Jared Holley (MW Fellow, HEC) and Bruno Leipold (MW Fellow, SPS)

  • Vivien Schmidt (Boston University) interviewed by Mirjam Dagefoerde (MW Fellow, SPS)

  • David Soskice (London School of Economics) interviewed by two MW SPS Fellows, Per Andersson and Julian Garritzmann

  • Nancy L. Green (École des hautes études en sciences sociales) interviewed by Veronica Corcodel (MW Fellow, LAW)

  • Helen Milner (Princeton University) interviewed by Aydin Yildirim (MW Fellow, RSCAS) and James Lee (MW Fellow, SPS)

Max Weber Interviews 2017-2018

  • Wolfgang Schoen (Max Planck Institute) interviewed by Valentin Jentsch (MW Fellow, LAW)
  • Cecilia L. Ridgeway (Stanford University) interviewed by Nevena Kulic (MW Fellow, SPS)

  • Odd Arne Westad (Harvard University) interviewed by two MW HEC Fellows, Madeleine Dungy and Victor Petrov

  • Jan-Werner Mueller (Princeton University) interviewed by Chiara Destri (MW Fellow, SPS)

  • Dani Rodrik (Harvard Kennedy School) interviewed by Zbigniew Truchlewski (MW Fellow, SPS) and Aydin Yildirim (MW Fellow, RSCAS)

  • Rachel Kranton (Duke University) interviewed by Giulia Tura (MW Fellow, ECO)

  • Alexander Aleinikoff (The New School) interviewed by Naoko Hosokawa (MW Fellow, RSCAS)

  • Debra Satz (Stanford University) interviewed by Richard Bellamy (former Director of MWP) and Jared Holley (MW Fellow, HEC)

Max Weber Interviews 2016-2017

  • Kalypso Nicolaidis (University of Oxford) interviewed by two MW RSCAS Fellows, Johann Basedow and Alex Katsaitis
  • Philippe Van Parijs (Université Catholique de Louvain) interviewed by Andrei Poama (MW Fellow, SPS)

  • Ngaire Woods (University of Oxford) interviewed by Stefano Marcuzzi (MW Fellow, RSCAS) and Eva-Maria Muschik (MW Fellow, HEC)

  • Barbara Petrongolo (Queen Mary University of London) interviewed by Nevena Kulic (MW Fellow, SPS) and Seetha Menon (MW Fellow, ECO)

  • Barry Eichengreen (University of California, Berkeley) interviewed by Anna Chadwick (MW Fellow, LAW) and Marta Musso (MW Fellow, HEC)

  • Rhacel Salazar Parrenas (University of Southern California) interviewed by Giulia Bonazza (MW Fellow, HEC) and Lilian Tsourdi (MW Fellow, LAW)

  • Sally E. Merry (New York University) interviewed by Henrietta Zeffert (MW Fellow, LAW)

  • Mark Philp (University of Warwick) interviewed by two MW SPS Fellows, Lior Erez and Steven Klein 

Max Weber Interviews 2015-2016

  • Martin Weitzman (Harvard University) interviewed by Martina Bozzola (MW Fellow, ECO)

  • Peter Katzenstein (Cornell University) interviewed by Gisela Hirschmann (MW Fellow, SPS)

  • Daniel Cohen (Paris School of Economics) interviewed by Silvia Caló (MW Fellow, RSCAS)

  • David Laitin (Stanford University) interviewed by Nan Zhang (MW Fellow, SPS)

  • Sarah Birch (University of Glasgow) interviewed by two MW SPS Fellows, Masaaki Higashijima and Stefanie Reher

  • Reva Siegel (Yale University) interviewed by two MW LAW Fellows, Anna Beckers and Anastasia Poulou

  • Philip Pettit (Princeton and Australian National University) interviewed by Guy Aitchison (MW Fellow, SPS) and Alain Zysset (MW Fellow, LAW)

  • Sir Stephen Wall (Official Historian of Britain and the EU) interviewed by Jack Seddon (MW Fellow, SPS)

  • Rogers Brubaker (University of California, Los Angeles) interviewed by Christine Hobden (MW Fellow, SPS)

Max Weber Interviews 2014-2015

  • Peter Ghosh (University of Oxford) interviewed by Franz Fillafer (MW Fellow, HEC)
  • Dagmar Herzog (City University of New York) interviewed by Fran Meissner (MW Fellow, SPS)

  • Thomas Piketty (Paris School of Economics) interviewed by Emmanuel Comte (MW Fellow, HEC)

  • Oriana Bandiera (London School of Economics) interviewed by Ylenia Brilli (MW Fellow, ECO)

  • Claus Offe (Hertie School of Governance) interviewed by Julija Sardelic (MW Fellow, SPS)

  • John P. McCormick (University of Chicago) interviewed by two MW LAW Fellows, Pablo Kalmanovitz and Or Bassok (as a disembodied voice)

  • Lucia Zedner (University of Oxford) interviewed by Michael Kozakowski (MW Fellow, HEC)

  • Grainne De Burca (New York University) interviewed by two MW LAW Fellows, Cristina Fasone and Toni Marzal Yetano

  • Quentin Skinner (Queen Mary University of London) interviewed by MW HEC Fellows, Franz Fillafer and Julia McClure

  • Wendy Carlin (UCL and CEPR) interviewed by two MW SPS Fellows, Silvana Tarlea and Eileen Keller


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