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The Alcide De Gasperi Research Centre

Créons cette solidarité de la raison et du sentiment, de la liberté et de la justice. L’Europe ne trouvera son salut que dans cet esprit héroique de liberté et de sacrifice qui a toujours décidé aux grandes heures de l’histoire.

Alcide De Gasperi «Le basi morali della democrazia», Brussels, 20 November 1948 ( HAEU, ADG 96)

The Alcide De Gasperi Centre on the History of European Integration, established in 2015, combines the expertise of the Department of History and Civilization at the EUI and the resources available at the Historical Archives of the European Union.

The main aims of the Centre are:

  1. To promote research into the History of European Integration
  2. To support young researchers in the field and coordinate networks of historians
  3. To facilitate the use of primary sources
  4. To disseminate historical narratives  and increase public interest  in the history of European integration


The Historical Archives of the European Union (HAEU) hosts a vast set of records on the history of European integration. Besides these, the Archives houses a huge range of documents from former high EU officials and from non-EU organizations and movements and remarkable oral history collections. It is the first stop for researchers and a key hub for scholarly activities on the history of European integration.

Researchers are supported by the HAEU’s experienced archivists in their consultation of primary sources.

The History Department of the EUI operates as a highly specialized academic unit devoted to research and training on the history of Europe. Its distinctive focus on cross-European issues makes it the ideal partner for the promotion of a broad history of European integration.

The EUI Library is a first class library in the field of Social Sciences and is composed of a team of experienced librarians and information specialists. It is a ‘hybrid’ library, it comprises both traditional resources – books, documents and journals on paper or in microform – and digital resources. The collections include more than 2,200 current printed journals and approximately half a million volumes in the field of law, economics, history and civilization, and political and social sciences, with a particular focus on Europe. 

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