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Travel Agency

The EUI's in-house Travel Agency is a branch of the Travel Agency "ACI BlueTeam".

It provides travel- and accommodation-related services to all members of the EUI, regardless of whether their activities are funded by the Institute or externally. It arranges private travel and accommodation as well.

The main services provided by the Agency are: tickets for air, rail or sea travels, hotel bookings, local transport hire and rental. For further queries you may also consult a dedicated FAQs section.


Travel Agency's Service Fees

  • Flight Ticket  (fee of € 29.00)

  • Train Ticket (fee of € 4.00)

  • Accomodation (€ 2.00)

  • Accomodation Plus (€ 2.00 + 7% of the final cost)

  • Local Transport for Small Groups (up to 8 people+driver - € 1.00)

  • Local Transport for Big Groups (more than 8 people+driver - € 1.00)

  • Restaurant Reservation (€ 1.00)



The Agency is open at the EUI (Villa Paola):

  • Monday-Friday:     
  • On Mondays the travel agency will work off-site only.

The EUI's onsite Travel Agency's agents, Ms Paola Corsi, Ms Gaia Garuglieri and Mr Carlo Timossi, can be reached at [email protected] or by calling +39 02 5275407 (until 30 September 2022) and +39 055 4685265 (Int. 2265) (only from 1 October 2022). Please use these contact details when asking for travel- and accommodation-related services.

Outside the onsite Travel Agency's working hours, you can contact the ACI Blueteam's Emergency Service by calling +39 02 55604220 (only valid for those activities that cannot wait for the agency's opening time).

For suggestions and complaints, the EUI Travel Agency's Customer Service can always be reached at [email protected] or by calling Int. 2321.


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Page last updated on 05 October 2022

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