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About the Communications Service

The Communications Service steers and coordinates the EUI’s internal and external communication strategies.

The team handles the EUI’s public and media relations efforts, produces the Institute’s central publications and main web pages, and manages its social media presence. It also plans or supports the organisation of major events promoting our research activities and other initiatives reaching out to the EUI community and beyond.

The Communications Service produces and disseminates information about EUI academic programmes, research, news and events to faculty, staff, researchers, alumni, our diverse audiences in the social sciences community, policy makers, the press, and other stakeholders.  In the field of internal communications, the Service works with the academic staff and administration in implementing the Institute’s main objectives. It also aims to inform our members of developments important to the EUI community as a whole.

The Service offers training, tools, and support to our members in the areas of digital communication and web, academic communication, and editorial design and lay-out. 

Page last updated on 24 August 2017