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Design and Publications

This area is dedicated to selecting and generating editorial content, producing graphic design materials, and working with the web and new media tools to support the promotion of the EUI and its departments, programmes and centres, as well as the dissemination of its research. It also includes the development of innovative ways for spreading information within the EUI and outside, for generating interest and participation in all the Institute's activities.

The Design and Publications Unit manages and coordinates:

It produces references, policies, guidelines and provides advice and help for the correct application and declination of the EU visual identity.

It provides graphical and editorial assistance with the production of a wide range of promotional materials and publications, such as:

  • departmental posters and leaflets
  • corporate publications, e.g. projects brochure, annual reports, etc.
  • EUI Working Papers and other EUI series, research reports, etc.
  • EUI books
  • information packs for researchers and fellows
  • promotional material, e.g. posters, leaflets, etc.

The Publications Unit is also responsible for EUI copyright issues and for certain matters regarding EUI academic publications.

Contact the Publications Unit for help or advice.

Publications Office of the European Union

The Publications Office is the publishing house of the European institutions.

The Unit is the EUI correspondent of the OP and manages requests and follow-ups for all OP services.

OP provides a wide range of services for the production and dissemination of EUI academic and informational publications (electronic and paper), such as:

  • assignment of international identifiers
  • graphic design
  • editorial partnerships with a number of important academic publishers
  • help and advice with publications projects, including proofreading, translations, production
  • dissemination
  • web services

International identifiers (ISBN, ISSN, doi)

International identifiers are used to classify publications all over the world in an unequivocal and exclusive way.

EUI academic and promotional publications may be assigned those identifiers. 

EUI publications containing international identifiers are inserted in the EU Bookshop, an online library and bookshop of publications from the institutions and other bodies of the European Union; the main gateway to EU publications.

Contact the Publications Unit to ask for an identifier/s be assigned to your work.


Page last updated on 14 February 2018