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Together against COVID-19

Posted on 19 March 2020

The EUI community supports the extraordinary acts of care in the COVID-19 outbreak.

The EUI cares deeply about Florence, the beautiful city that hosts our Institute and its community. Our staff members, researchers and their families live in and around Florence. The COVID-19 outbreak and resulting lockdown therefore affect us all. 

COVID donate

In these difficult times, we are especially grateful to the people who are fighting the outbreak on the frontlines. We appreciate the extraordinary efforts medics, nurses and other health professionals are making to deal with this global health crisis.

Donate to a crowdfunding campaign

As a community, we can support these extraordinary acts of care with generosity by donating to one of the three crowdfunding campaigns below.

No matter how big or small, every contribution is a sign of solidarity with the healthcare professionals working day and night to save us from this virus, as well as with those who benefit from their care.

1) #SostieniUnInfermiere (#SupportANurse)

#SostieniUnInfermiere is promoted by Fondazione CR Firenze and Fondazione Claudio Ciai, in collaboration with SiamoSolidali, Feel Crowd and the patronage of the City of Florence. The project aims to provide financial assistance to the over 700 nurses who have come to Florence to help out. They are not only putting themselves on the line, they are also leaving their friends and families behind during these difficult times. The objective is to provide financial assistance to these brave health workers during their stay in the city with an initial goal of 50.000 Euro.

Donate to #SostieniUnInfermiere

2) Sostieni gli ospedali della Toscana (Support Tuscan hospitals)

Regional health authorities in Tuscany collect funds that will be destined to purchase drugs, medical devices, personal protective equipment and other health equipment

All the purchased material (think of surgical masks, FFP2 and FFP3 masks, gowns, goggles, gloves, beds and alcohol-based gels) will be distributed to hospitals according to existing needs and indications of Regione Toscana, which supports the campaign.

Donate to “Sostieni gli ospedali della Toscana”

3) Croce Rossa Italiana (Italy's Red Cross)

Croce Rossa Italiana (CRI, Italy’s Red Cross) is on the frontlines against COVID-19. You can support CRI in Florence by donating blood, your time as a volunteer, or a financial contribution. This way, you can help CRI in its efforts to guarantee services, such as the delivery of medicines and basic necessities, for the most vulnerable people during the COVID-19 crisis.

Donate to Croce Rossa Italiana (comitato di Firenze)

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