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Contensis is the name of the Content Management System (CMS) which produces the EUI web pages as well as the intranet site.

The Web Unit is responsible for:

  • developing EUI Website templates and functionalities
  • assigning appropriate user permissions and workflows
  • providing trainings to the web working group
  • developing tools and web controls to speed up and facilitate the work of the web working group
  • giving support and advice to the web working group
  • ensuring continuity of service and performance
  • ensuring security and accessibility on the EUI website
  • ensuring disaster recovery processes and backup procedures
  • setting up the website information architecture within the CMS
  • setting up alert procedures and analytics on usage of the platform.


The EUI Web Unit grants permissions to work on the CMS on a specific request made by the Web Coordinator through the dedicated form.


The EUI Web Unit ensures high levels of security on the EUI website, embracing the latest standards of encryption and web security on any page containing login forms.

Caching and speed

To ensure professional standards of speed, security, accessibility and continuity of service, the CMS uses several layers of caching.

Caching times and how to handle cache


Page last updated on 21 May 2020

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