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Web security and performance

Cyber security, as well as data protection for all the EUI members is a top priority for the EUI Web unit.

Login encryption

All our integrated web services, when necessary, use your EUI login, secured with a fully encrypted connection.

This way, we never have access to your password, and we can offer you login protected services with full security.

We warmly invite you to never share your password with anybody.


Every time we ask you for an EUI login to access a service that we provide, we do it on a or page. The URL is always preceded by the text "https", with an "s".

Instead of HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), this website uses HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

Please make sure that they both show the green security certificate symbol on your browser before login.






If you have any suspect or you’re not sure about a login page, contact us before proceeding.

Note for Web Working Group members on custom code

It is strictly forbidden to add any custom code (including scripts, style or references to external code of any kind) in all the EUI centralised web services. In case of doubts or special needs, please refer to the Web Support service.

The usage of iframes, is strictly limited to the ones mentioned in the official documentation released by the EUI Web Unit.


Page last updated on 03 December 2019

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