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EUI Telephone Directory

The EUI Telephone Directory lists service as well as office phone numbers (extensions) of the various Administrative and Academic Units of the European University Institute and is available exclusively in digital format (PDF):


The directory includes Professors, Research Assistants as well as Associates, Fellows, External Collaborators, Administrative Staff (including contractors) and Trainees.

EUI Researchers are listed in the web pages of the relevant Department.

Please Note: for further information (such as job title, contact details, list of publications and links to personal web pages, please check the EUI Directory instead.

The EUI Telephone Directory includes information for each member, such as office number and affiliation (Unit) and is automatically generated on the basis of information provided by the relevant Academic and Administrative Units through SMART (Space Management and Allocation of Resources Tool).

For ease of access a shortcut called EUI Telephone Directory is available on the desktop of all standard office EUI Windows-based PCs.





Page last updated on 23 April 2020

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