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Dean of Graduate Studies


Professor Martin Scheinin 

Dean of Graduate Studies

Reforming the Doctorate in the Social Sciences: A Report on Good Practice

February 2017

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  • Steers and coordinates the structured graduate programme.
  • Coordinates teaching and doctoral supervision activities in consultation with the departments.
  • Liaises with the departments to ensure the application of the various academic rules and codes.
  • Substitutes the President, at his request, in matters related to the academic functioning of the Institute, including the Selection Board and Renewal Committees.
  • Provides a reference point for researchers with study-related problems in coordination with the Directors of Studies in the departments.
  • Promotes an academic environment where doctoral and post-doctoral studies complement one another, and where researchers' experience and wellbeing at EUI can be enhanced.  
  • Addresses issues of specific educational needs of researchers.  
The Dean chairs the Entrance Board and the Doctoral Programme Committee (DPC). 

He also participates in the Executive Committee, the Research Council meetings and the Ethics Committee.


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