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Equality, diversity and inclusiveness at the EUI

Attract, encourage and retain a diverse, inclusive and highly qualified community of scholars


Equality and diversity

The Dean for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusiveness supports the President by proposing and implementing the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusiveness policies of the EUI.

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1st generation initiative

Early stage researchers and students arrive at the EUI from around the world, bringing with them a diverse range of life and educational experiences. Among this diversity are people who are the first in their family to pursue a post-graduate degree.

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Disability and special educational needs

The EUI is committed to maximizing accessibility to services, resources and activities for all members and visitors to ensure that no one is treated less favorably on the grounds of disability, and whenever needed, to provide reasonable adjustment.

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Our values

As an institution committed to social justice, it is our responsibility to work to create a community that reflects the rich and complex identities of individuals in our heterogenous societies. We are committed to fostering an environment that values and supports the identities, backgrounds, and experiences of all our members. This includes creating equitable institutional structures, closing opportunity gaps for the most vulnerable individuals and groups in our society, and eliminating all forms of bias and discrimination. Our efforts can only be successful if our institutional promise to work relentlessly to overcome barriers to inclusion is seen as the shared responsibility of each and every member of the EUI community.

Neha Jain

Dean for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusiveness

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From Diversity to Mixing?

Every year, about 30 researchers defend their PhD theses in the SPS Department. In order to illustrate the range of their research, each month the department selects and presents a dissertation notable for both its exceptionally high quality and general interest to the public.

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Neha Jain appointed Dean of Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness

Professor of Public International Law and Co-Director of the Academy of European Law, Neha Jain has been appointed as Dean of Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness. Her distinguished appointment marks the start of this newly established position at the EUI.

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