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Short-term Housing

Housing for EUI members and EUI visitors

The Housing Office provides assistance on short-term housing for EUI members and visitors through the EUI concessionaire FHS (Florence Housing Service) . 

For information and further details please send a mail message to: [email protected]

In addition to that, the REFS has also selected a list of useful links to tourist information websites, hotels, B&B, hostels and campsites in or near Florence and Fiesole.

The information contained in those links may change; the EUI does not accept responsibility for any inaccuracies.

You may also browse in-house offers posted by EUI members.

Camplus Firenze

The prices below are for EUI members only and are per person for the whole indicated period.  Included in the price is weekly cleaning of the rooms and bathrooms, and changing of sheets and towels also once a week.

For bookings please send an email to [email protected]

3 months   Room only B&B  HB 
 Double room  

€ 2,337


€ 2,742


€ 3,550

Single room shared bathroom
with another single room

€ 2,475


€ 2,880


€ 3,688

 11 months      
Double room

€ 7,260

€ 8,000

€ 9,160

Single room shared bathroom
with another single room

€ 7,755

€ 8,500

€ 9,655

24 months      
Double room

€ 14,400

€ 15,804

€ 18,200

Single room shared bathroom
with another single room

€ 16,200

€ 18,000

€ 20,000




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