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Children's Activities


Daily care

Crèche supervisors manage the child's induction to the créche, deal with their personal hygiene and bathroom needs and help children with their lunch.

There are rest periods for the smallest children in accordance with parents' wishes.

Teaching Programme

The Crèche, with its year-round enrolment, range of age groups and lenght of stays, has a flexible teaching programme. This is presented to parents at a meeting in October and is adjusted annually according to the children's needs.

Organized activities are held in the morning from 10 to 11.30, and afternoons are kept for playing activities.

The teaching programme includes:

  • Listening and retelling of fairy tales and rhymes
  • Manual activities (finger painting - manipulation - drawing)
  • Sound, songs and rhythm
  • Psychomotor coordination
  • Organized play with board games

Teaching Groups

For teaching and organized playing activities children are divided into different age groups, starting with those aged 4 months to 1 year (infants), those aged 1-2 years (semi-weaned), and those aged 2 years and older (weaned).

Children's Spaces

The Crèche has various areas for children's activities throughout the day:

  • changing room (when children arrive);
  • classroom for didactic activities;
  • dining area with child-sized tables and chairs;
  • bathroom with child-sized sinks and toilets and diaper changing tables;
  • rest area where each child has his/her place complete with sheet and blanket;
  • open air space;
  • garden;
  • soft area for children who do not walk (anti-skid socks are needed).

The Crèche has a small library that lends 3 books at a time for 5 consecutive days. Books are for children aged 6 months to 6 years. Books may be borrowed by enrolled children every Tuesday until 9.30 am and every Friday after 5 pm.  





Page last updated on 23 July 2019