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Illness and Absences

A child absent for more than five consecutive days because of illness will only be readmitted to the Crèche with a doctor's certificate specifying the diagnosis of the illness and when the child may be readmitted.

For absences of more than five consecutive days not due to illness, parents must inform the Crèche, otherwise the child will be readmitted only on presentation of a doctor's certificate.

If a child has a temperature over 37.5° or whenever a supervisor considers it advisable (heavy cough, diarrhoea, vomiting, conjunctivitis etc.) the staff will contact the parents who must then collect the child immediately and, if necessary, bring a doctor's certificate when the child re-enters.

In case of food allergy, the child will be enrolled at the crèche only providing a medical certificate for canteen use with a detailed list of foodstuffs not to be administered for health reasons. 

Crèche staff will not give medicine other than life-saving medication unless authorized to do so beforehand by telephone and in writing by the parent. 

See also Crèche Paediatrician.

Page last updated on 24 July 2019