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Policy on harassment prevention

For Researchers and Teaching Staff

"Any incidents of harassment will be regarded extremely seriously and may constitute grounds for disciplinary action. Information and training of persons involved in raising awareness and dealing with harassment will be provided by the Institute. This Policy will be distributed to all researchers on their arrival."pdf

For EUI Administrative Staff

Regarding refrainment from harassment, the administrative personnel of the EUI should read Article 12 and 12a of the EUI’s Staff Regulations and Articles 11 and 81 of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants (CEOS).

Information on informal and formal procedures to deal with harassment

In front of a difficult professional situation, staff members may request assistance through the informal procedure (Counsellors or Anti-Harassment Committee/Panel) or through the formal procedure.  

What is the informal procedure?

As a first step, staff members are strongly advised to seek resolution of the problem through conciliation. The "informal procedure" provides support and someone to speak to in strict confidentiality. There are measures that can be taken in certain cases, that may prevent a formal request which involves implementing an administrative procedure in which the response may take several months.

What is the formal procedure?

File a formal request for assistance by the administration via Art. 24 of the Staff Regulations and Art. 11 of the Conditions of Employment of the Teaching Staff. The formal procedure can be undertaken directly or after an informal procedure which did not lead to a solution.

Page last updated on 12 September 2022

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