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The Confidential Harassment Advice Service (CHAS)

The Confidential Harassment Advice Service (CHAS) is available for EUI members to obtain information and assistance on their rights regarding any form of harassment, including sexual harassment and bullying.

The service assists and advises EUI members in identifying avenues for institutional support, both within and external to the EUI. It also provides supportive measures aimed at a personal resolution of the problem, if the community member so wishes, and potentially mediates solutions.

If you have experienced or witnessed problematic behaviour, harassment, or bullying by an individual or group of individuals, you are strongly encouraged to approach a CHAS member to discuss your concerns and understand your options.

The service is provided by staff members, acting as safe contacts, who have training in EUI policies, structures, and procedures.

Any consultation between an EUI member and a member of the CHAS remains strictly confidential.

CHAS Coordinator


President’s decision on composition of the CHAS

Last update: January 2023

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Page last updated on 24/06/2024

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