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Young African Leaders Programme

Programme Start Date





Palazzo Buontalenti

No, all the information and documents must be submitted via the online application form. Applications received by email will not be considered.

No, the programme is a residential programme. You must reside in Florence for the whole duration of the fellowship. The overall evolution of the pandemic will be closely monitored and EUI activities will be adjusted accordingly. However, the programme remains residential.

There will be around 30 fellowships available.

Yes, candidates may reapply to the programme if they wish.

Unfortunately, due to a high volume of applications, the EUI is not in a position to provide individual feedback to the applicants who have not been selected.

You may contact STG faculty or fellows if you have specific inquiries about their work area. However, given the high numbers of applicants, we cannot guarantee a timely response to all interested candidates. Therefore, the candidates are encouraged to do so only in very specific cases.

The programme is targeting mid-career professionals with at least seven years of relevant work experience. The Selection Committee will look for candidates who have already obtained significant relevant experience in their sector/policy area and can use their past work experience as a solid foundation for building on and further developing their work and ideas during the fellowship months. candidates with strictly academic background are likely to be less successful given the scope of this fellowship.

The minimum degree required is a Master’s degree.

Applicants must be maximum 35 years old on the date of the start of the programme –(1 September 2022) and currently residing in Africa. However, applicants up to 40 years old can be exceptionally considered, namely women and people with special needs.

The programme will be structured as follows:

  • Executive Training Seminars on thematic issues
  • Professional Development Workshops, providing a set of leadership skills, tools and concrete case studies
  • Study Visits to international organisations and EU institutions
  • Final individual written assignment
  • Award of the YALP certificate of attendance
  • Connection to network of scholars and practitioners knowledgeable in relevant transnational governance

The exact schedule will be made available in due time for those applicants that are selected.

The intensive programme will be incorporating both group assignments as well as individual work.

No, it is not possible to combine the fellowship with another job. The fellowship is a full-time and fully-funded programme, and successful applicants are expected to provide a statement from their current employer stating that they have taken leave for the whole duration of the programme. The three month period consists of an intensive training programme.

Each year, the Fellows make use of the offerings of the EUI and not just the STG as much as possible, e.g. library use, open events, workshops, and training. The fellows can join the EUI interdisciplinary clusters and participate in activities at other EUI departments and centres.

If you have any questions on the application process or the programme, please contact: [email protected]

Please follow these recommendations if you encounter issues with the applicant portal:

  • Please use a PC and not a mobile device;
  • Please use a web browser that is not Chrome, as the Chrome autofill can overwrite data on the form;
  • Please try to use your web browser in incognito mode to ensure previously saved passwords or logins to other accounts will not affect accessing the application portal. 

Please reset your password accessing the ‘Password forgotten?’ function from the following webpage and try to recover your login credentials: Please note that each time you request a new password, the previous password will become invalid – please try to request it only one time and leave a little time for the new password email to arrive in your mailbox. If you have triggered the password reset several times, please use the password from the latest email only. Please make sure you try the new password in an incognito browser.

Please note that you cannot start or submit multiple applications for the same programme. If you see this error, then you already have an application for that programme (either submitted or draft). If your application is still in draft (with status ‘In progress’), you will need to continue editing and submit your existing application. To continue with an existing application:

  1. Log into your application account via
  2. On your account home page, you will see all your applications listed.

To continue with the existing application, please click on “Details” link for the respective application.

If your referee has not received the automatic e-mail request, please ask them to check that it has not been stored as junk, and if problems persist, they can send the reference letter by e-mail to [email protected] 

You can check the status of your reference by logging back into your application. References submitted by e-mail will be inserted as soon as possible during normal working hours and the status will then change to submitted.

Once your application has been successfully submitted, you will receive an automatic confirmation email. In case you didn’t, please check that it has not been.

Close to the deadline, we always receive a large number of applications and the system may temporarily be overloaded. If you encounter technical problems entering into or submitting your online application, please have some patience and try again. If you repeatedly encounter problems, please send an e-mail to [email protected] explaining clearly the nature of the problem. Please include any screenshots of the errors you receive.

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