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Cross-Border Banking Supervisory Cooperation

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Application Deadline:
08/11/2021 24:00 Italian time

Programme Description

This online Academy by the Florence School of Banking and Finance will give the opportunity to rethink the basis for cooperation within cross-border banking and its impacts on financial stability, while understanding the institutions, law, economics and culture behind cross-border supervisory cooperation.

Throughout three weeks, the FBF Cross-Border Banking Supervisory Cooperation Academy will focus on the existing mechanisms of cross-border supervisory cooperation, including in moments of banking system fragility where resolution and insolvency paths are brought to the fore. By identifying the gaps in the current European framework for cross-border supervisory cooperation and ways to fill these gaps, but also explore different cooperation models and mechanisms outside Europe, this Academy aims to develop realistic and critical attitudes towards the potential and the limits of cross-border banking supervisory cooperation, experience exchange between bankers and regulators and participants from different regions of the world.

This online Academy has been designed for mid and high-level officials from central banks, regulatory authorities, ministries of finance, interested young professional and academics, mid-level and senior bank staff who are already familiar with banking and regulatory/supervisory tools, and wish to deeply understand the challenges of cross-border cooperation within national, EU and International institutions. In addition to providing topical content and practical tools, this online Academy will be a platform to stimulate exchange and debate between public officials, academics and private practitioners.

The materials in this course require 20-24 hours to be completed. The exact duration for participants depends on previous experience and time devoted to each activity, including optional.

Research Themes

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