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Law and Logic Summer School 2022 - Candidates affected by the war in Ukraine

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Applications are closed, stay tuned for updates.

The Summer School on Law and Logic is being held for its tenth year, from 27 June to 6 July 2022. This course is designed to give students rigorous training in a wide variety of logical methods that can assist all kinds of legal analysts, including students, lawyers, judges and scholars. The overall framework for the course is the Logocratic Method, a systematic method for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of arguments, including, but not limited to, legal arguments. Since so much legal analysis consists of making and evaluating arguments, this method can be a powerful tool for all legal analysts.

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Professors: Matthias Armgardt, Samuel Brasil, Scott Brewer, Guido Governatori, Emiliano Lorini, Juliano S. A. Maranhao, Nino Rotolo, Giovanni Sartor



This eight-day course offers a detailed presentation of propositional and predicate deductive logic, as well as the use of logic for capturing representing deontic and Hohfeldian modalities, analogical and inductive reasoning and inference to the best explanation. It also presents some aspects of non-deductive reasoning in law, such as defeasible reasoning, including argumentation schemes. Throughout the course we pay careful attention to the way in which these methods of argument can assist legal analysis.

We believe that the kind of background in formal logic we offer in this course can be a very powerful tool for use in legal theory, for developing doctrinal legal research, for working in legal informatics (the application of computer programs to the analysis of law), and, more generally, for the practice of law.

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