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Florence School of Banking & Finance

Securitisation: Regulation and Practice

Programme Start Date






Application Deadline:
11/10/2021 23:59 CEST

Programme Description

This Online Academy by the Florence School of Banking and Finance has the objective to provide participants with a comprehensive knowledge of securitisation, looking at both the regulatory and practical aspects.

Why an Online Academy?

In the Online Academy format, you will be guided in the topics from a group of leading academic and policy experts, who will convey their expertise in a series of audio-visual material in multiple formats.

You will approach the academy content through a series of self-paced video lectures and live online classes, which will offer multiple occasions for ‘hands-on’ activities, including quizzes, exercises in breakout rooms, forum interactions with the other participants, as well as a simulation exercise on NPL securitisation.

The Academy will require 20 hours to be completed.

Research Themes

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