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Securitisation: Regulation and Practice

Programme Start Date






Application Deadline:
11/10/2021 23:59 CEST

Held at introductory/intermediate level the course has been designed for public and private sector professionals (both at entry and mid-career levels). Organisations trained in the previous edition of the course and other FBF online courses include:

  • Finance Ministries
  • Banking Regulators and Supervisors
  • Financial Regulators Supervisors
  • Central Banks
  • Development and Multilateral Banks
  • National, European and international institutions
  • Banks
  • Law Firms
  • Investment funds
  • Consultancies
  • Insurance companies
  • Research centres and universities

This course is open to participants from all over the world.

The course is structured in seven modules:

  • Module 0: Introduction to the course
  • Module 1: Securitisation as financial engineering: logic, nuts and bolts
  • Module 2: Evaluation of Risks and the Crisis
  • Module 3: Regulatory framework for regulation and supervision of securitisation
  • Module 4: Prudential regulation of securitisation transactions
  • Module 5: Dealing with securitisation products on the market
  • Module 6: Securitisation of NPLs
  • Module 7: Exercise on NPLs
  • Module 8: Green Securitisation

To receive the certificate of succesfull completion, course participants will have to complete a set of mandatory activities, as described here.

The estimated time required to complete all activities in the course is approximately 20 hours (depending on individual prior knowledge).

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