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Transforming Governance Beyond Borders

The mission of the School of Transnational Governance

Who we are

The School of Transnational Governance was established in 2017 as part of the European University Institute in Florence. In the cradle of the Renaissance, we teach, train and learn by providing a platform where transnational policy actors across politics, business, civil society, media and academia meet. We are here for anyone with an open and independent mind, for thinkers and for doers. We bring together some of the best teachers, trainers and policy-makers from around the world. We believe the goal of public policy is to bring out the best in people.

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School's founding year


STG Community

100 +

Countries represented

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Our mission is to teach and train current and future leaders

    We are a platform for transnational policy shapers
    We are a hub for innovation in public policy education and training
    We are a laboratory and a forum for policy experimentation

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Our roots are European, our values are universal. We believe in freedom, democracy and inclusiveness. We believe in dignity, dialogue and respect. We believe in diversity, equality and sustainability.


Our vision is to be the global hub for teaching and training in transnational governance. We aspire to be the global go-to policy school. The place to change perceptions of governance. The cutting edge school of policy learning and practice.


We bring together theory and practice. Our approach is transnational and interdisciplinary. Our approach is rooted in social sciences and policy practice. Our approach is to think, teach and train beyond borders.


Our purpose is to help improve governance around the world. This matters because problems transcend national borders. It matters because governance frameworks are often unfit for purpose.


Elinor Ostrom

The American political economist Elinor Ostrom was the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize in economics for her 'analysis of economic governance, especially the commons.'

Ostrom was a pioneer in offering innovative perspectives on the intricacies of governance.

As Patron of our School's first cohort of master's students (2020-2021), we trust that her example will provide orientation to our faculty, students and the entire STG community.

Read the testimonials on how Elinor Ostrom inspires our work.

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