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STG Partners & Donors

The Florence School of Transnational Governance acknowledges the key role played by its partners - universities, EU institutions, international organisations, think-tanks, civil society organisations, the private sector- and its community donors, in widening its range of expertise and activities whilst enhancing its diversity and inclusion.

Partnerships allow the school to promote collaborative world-class research and innovative teaching and learning experiences in order to possibly identify solutions to emerging and pressing transnational issues and contribute to sustainable societies. With its partners, the school creates opportunities for its students and fellows in the areas of mobility, study visits and internships.

The Florence STG successfully collaborates with a wide range of donors. The financial contributions enable the school to advance its activities to promote education and training of a wide range of learners and to bridge the gap between academia and policymaking. Donations are used in a wide range of areas, including supporting disinformation research, strengthening media literacy and fact-checking, fostering civic participation, and promoting best practices in climate policy. The acceptance of external funding is always assessed to ensure that the fundamental principles of the EUI are respected.

Discover the STG partners Discover the STG partners

Discover the STG donors Discover the STG donors



The Florence School of Transnational Governance believes in connections across borders. Counting about 200 alumni from over 75 countries, the school developed various activities for its alumni community, aimed at allowing members to nurture the connections they made at the EUI and build new bridges through tailored educational, professional, and networking opportunities.


If you are interested to know more about how your organisation can partner with the school in areas of mutual interest such as academic cooperation, research programmes, innovative policy training courses, and supporting young talents with scholarships, job and networking opportunities, please get in touch: [email protected]


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Page last updated on 08/04/2024

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