STG Reform for Resilience Workstreams

As R4R Europe Hub, the STG will support the Commission by gathering evidence and research.

As Europe Hub, the STG will support the Reform for Resilience - Commission (R4R-Commission) by gathering evidence and research to inform the reform for resilience agenda and prepare policy recommendations. The R4R Commission aims to:

  • identify key drivers of ‘health resilience'
  • make specific policy recommendations to enhance the institutional commitment to global health resilience as key to healthier growth
  • develop a health resilience model and index to help drive cultural and policy changes

With its Call for Short Research and Policy Papers (26 February), the STG has invited researchers from the EUI community and beyond to insert their ongoing COVID-related research into the Commission’s workstreams and to contribute to an evidence-based post-COVID reform agenda. In particular, the STG focuses on five key themes:

  1. Future Health Resilience Governance and Policy: Global and European Institutions, Strategy and Investments
  2. Population Health: differential population susceptibility and impact of COVID-19 across Europe
  3. The Role of Business in health resilience: startups and multinationals
  4. Digital and Data: shared data, infodemics and misinformation
  5. Healthy Growth and Resilience: measurement, metrics and indicators

The Commission plans to publish an Interim Health Resilience Report this summer. The final Report is due in December 2021. Selected papers will be published as part of the evidence supplied to the Commission. The Commission practices a multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral approach, and draws on a global network for discussion.

STG Extended Call for Evidence

R4R Call for Research and Policy Papers

Website of the R4R Commission.

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