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We hold periodical discussions with academics on their insights about bridging technical competence and political compromise.


Richard S.J. Tol

Interview with Dr. Richard S.J. Tol (Professor of Economics, University of Sussex and VU Amsterdam) on the economics of climate change; conducted by Weiwei Zheng (Max Weber Fellow, EUI).

Branko Milanovic

Interview with Branko Milanovic (Research Professor of economics, City University of New York) on the role of advisors; conducted by Milos Vojinovic (Max Weber Fellow, EUI)

Aditya Goenka

Interview with Aditya Goenka (Professor of Economics, University of Birmingham) on his experience in science advice to the government of the United Kingdom in its response to COVID-19; conducted by Adélie Chevée (Max Weber Fellow, EUI)

Federico Steinberg

Interview with Federico Steinberg (European Commission) on the tools to understand current issues in international political economy; conducted by Anna Dulska (University of Navarra & Visiting Fellow at the EUI Department of History and Civilisation)

Zeynep Pamuk

Interview with Prof. Zeynep Pamuk (University of California, San Diego) on the relationship between science and democracy; conducted by Marco Colleoni (Researcher, EUI)

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