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Research and Essays

In our monthly seminar series, invited speakers present some research on the topic of expertise.

Crisis expertise beyond Global North democracies: The power of knowledge or the knowledge for power?

The UK Government’s COVID-19 Policy Advisory System. What did "Guided by the Science" mean over time

The contentious politics of expertise in the COVID-19 crisis

Expertise in Policy-Making in Times of Crisis: Lessons learned from COVID-19

Covid policymaking and the role of experts

Unpacking experts autority: The case of Italy's UNESCO task-force

Enlightenment 2.0

Science and its Audience(s). The British Empire and New Scientific Disciplines (1890-1920)

Research Seminar: Technocracy and the Law: Accountability, Governance and Expertise

Peer review in regulatory decision-making – Yane Svetiev (EUI and University of Sydney Law School)

Page last updated on 06/06/2023

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