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A laboratory on the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU)

The Economic and Monetary Union Laboratory (EMU Lab) is a collaborative initiative driven by the Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa Chair and the Pierre Werner Chair. Its core objective is to dissect and rethink the EMU’s architecture in the light of present-day conditions in Europe and the global economy. Our aim is to identify avenues for research and policy innovation that could foster the advancement of the EMU's stability, growth and fairness to enhance the resilience of the European economy and society.

The EMU Lab adopts a multidisciplinary approach and foster synergies among scholars, policy makers, market participants and other stakeholders. A collaborative effort is necessary to gain a deeper understanding of the multifaceted economic and political dynamics at play in the EMU and structure proposals on the way forward in key traditional areas (such as Banking Union, Capital Markets Union, the Single Market) and new areas (such as Fiscal Union, European Public Goods, industrial policy), taking into account the political, institutional and geo-strategic developments in Europe and abroad.

The EMU Lab aims at integrating interdisciplinary research and policy analysis and bring new ideas and proposals to the policy fora through different outlets - discussion papers, notes, workshops, opeds and conferences. A potential flagship project consists of a bi-yearly report (dubbed, the 'Florence Reports') which could be presented and discussed during the EUI’s State of the Union in 2025.


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EMU Lab - on the Economic & Monetary Union

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