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EMU Lab: Next Generation EU, common issuance and European Public Goods

Can Next Generation EU help address the new challenges Europe is facing?

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05 July 2024

10:00 - 11:30 CEST


Seminar Room Mansarda

Online - Zoom

During this event, Gabriele Giudice will discuss the issues Europe is currently experiencing and its response through the NGEU.

In this event, European Commission Deputy Director Gabriele Giudice will hold a discussion on the Commission economic recovery package, Next Generation EU (NGEU). 

Next Generation EU has been a most innovative response to overcome the pandemic crisis. It supported the EU’s recovery and resilience, accelerated the delivery of the EU’s Green Deal and Digital strategy, and underpinned the RePowerEU response to the fall-out of the war-of-aggression to Ukraine. 

Even though the NGEU is temporary, it provides valuable lessons on mobilising investment to cater to the new challenges and deliver the new European Public Goods (EPGs). Investment should first and foremost be financed and carried out by the private sector: this calls for strong and swift progress to channel EU savings into strategic investment, by integrating the EU’s capital markets and key sectors of the single market. Investment also needs to be made by the public sector, including providing public goods and crowd-in private investment, while the national public debt is already high and has to be contained. 

During the conference, Giudice will analyse the NGEU’s role and the support it will offer to Member States for their coordinated investment in defence, energy and digital infrastructure, skills, and health. Furthermore, investment at the EU level in research and international infrastructure and projects of European interest will also be discussed. 


The Economic and Monetary Union Laboratory (EMU Lab) is a collaborative initiative driven by the Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa Chair and the Pierre Werner Chair, aiming to reassess the Economic and Monetary Union's structure in light of current European and global economic conditions. We seek to identify research and policy innovations to promote stability, growth, and fairness in the EMU, enhancing the resilience of the European economy and society.

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Gabriele Giudice

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