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Changing tables

Pull-down changing tables for babies have been installed in at least 1 bathroom of all EUI buildings (except for Villa Malafrasca and Villa Raimondi, due to infrastructural constraints) as of October 2019.

Further details on the exact location of changing tables across the Campus are available here below:

  • Villa Schifanoia, Cappella (restroom for persons with disabilities)
  • Casale
  • Convento San Domenico (women's restrooms 1st floor)
  • Villa il Poggiolo (restrooms ground floor)
  • Villa Salviati (women's restrooms ground floor and 1st floor)
  • Badia Fiesolana (Fiasco Social Club restrooms)
  • Villa Sanfelice (women's restrooms ground floor)
  • Villa Schifanoia (restroom for persons with disabilities)
  • Villa la Fonte
  • Villa Paola (restrooms 1st floor)

Page last updated on 12/11/2021

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