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Crèche Committee


Responsibility for running the Crèche lies with the Parents' Meeting, the Crèche Committee (CC), and the head supervisor.

This is open to all parents of children enrolled in the Crèche. It meets twice a year with an agenda drawn up by the Committee, or proposed by the parents.

Parents unable to attend the meeting may delegate another parent to cast their vote for them.

The Committee is elected by simple majority during the parents' meeting, held in September and holds office for one year from September to August. It guarantees the good relationship between, parents, staff and children and is responsable for the application of the Crèche rules

It is made up of:

  • Director of the Real Estate and Facilities Service
  • 1 parent representing researchers
  • 1 parent representing fellows
  • 1 parent representing staff

Committee members and individual parents may present proposals to modify the set of Crèche rules. These will be examined by the parents' meeting called by the Committee and voted by simple majority (1 child, 1 vote).


The Committe also has some important tasks:

  • proposes amendments to parents' contributions
  • supervises all income and expenditure
  • supervises staff activities
  • considers general problems raised by parents
  • calls parents' meetings and keeps the minutes of them


Three supervisors are on duty in the morning when it is busiest, and two in the afternoon. If necessary, an additional assistant is available.

Supervisors have the following tasks:

  • to look after the children and to run the Crèche teaching programme
  • to meet parents to discuss personal or other Crèche-related issues
  • to apply Crèche rules and inform the CC if these need to be discussed
  • to compile the list of teaching materials required each year
  • to keep a register of daily activities and attendances
  • to request training courses
  • to discuss the child's conduct during activities

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