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Disciplinary Board, Conseil de discipline

Any failure by a staff member or former staff member to comply with his/her obligations under the Staff Regulations, whether intentionally or through negligence on his/her part, shall make him/her liable to disciplinary action.

Pursuant to Article 3, Annex IX to the Staff Regulations, on the basis of the investigation report, after having notified the staff member concerned of all evidence in the files and after hearing the staff member concerned, the Appointing Authority may decide to initiate disciplinary proceedings before the Disciplinary Board.

  • The Board shall consist of a Chair and four full members, who may be replaced by alternates, and two additional members in the same function group and grade, as far as possible -- or if necessary, where there are fewer than these two additional staff members belonging to the same function group and grade, these additional members shall be of at least the same function group -- as the staff member subject to disciplinary proceedings
  • The Appointing Authority and the Staff Committee shall each appoint two members and two alternates at the same time
  • The Chair and alternate Chair shall be appointed by the Appointing Authority
  • The Chair, the members and the alternates shall be appointed for a period of three years
  • The Chair and members of the Board shall be completely independent in the performance of their duties
  • The Board’s deliberations and proceedings shall be secret
  • For disciplinary proceedings before the Disciplinary Board, please refer to Annex IX to the Staff Regulations, Section 5 (Arts. 12-22)

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