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Doctoral Programme Committee

Of the European University Institute

The Doctoral Programme Committee is chaired by the Dean of Studies and comprises the Dean of Studies, the four departmental Directors of Graduate Studies and, in order to ensure equality of representation between teaching and researcher constituencies, five researcher representatives.

General Responsibilities

  • to maintain an overview of the structured doctoral programme, including the evaluation of pedagogical assessments
  • to liaise with the departments to ensure best practice in supervision
  • to liaise between departments on all matters of common academic interest (e.g. completion grants, missions and exchanges) or where a degree of co-ordination is required to achieve Institute-wide objectives (e.g. the promotion of interdisciplinary seminars)
  • to promote post-doctoral initiatives, and in particular to promote a research environment where doctoral and post-doctoral study complement one another

The Doctoral Programme Committee meets twice or three times each six months.

Current composition:

Researcher representatives:


Page last updated on 17/01/2024

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