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Harassment Policy Committee

The Harassment Policy Committee has policymaking and advisory functions:

  • provide advice and guidance to the EUI senior management in securing a safe environment free from harassment and bullying in all its forms;
  • support institutional commitment to creating a stimulating and supportive learning and working environment that is free from any form of discrimination or harassment;
  • conduct periodic surveys among members of the EUI community to review and assess experiences relating to issues of harassment and bullying;
  • assess educational needs and propose training for EUI community members and for the advisory and support services;
  • conduct a review of the new policy two years after it enters into force and, if appropriate, suggest amendments.

Relevant links:

EUI Policy on Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Bullying (pdf)

Last update: January 2023

(257 KB - pdf)

Politica di IUE in materia di Molestie Sessuali e Bullismo (pdf)

Last update: January 2023

(252 KB - pdf)


The whole EUI community is represented in the committee. Members are either ex-officio or have a two-year mandate.

Ex-officio members:

Faculty representative:

Researchers' representative:

Post-doctoral fellows' representative:

STG master students’ representative:

CHAS representative:

Staff representative:

Academic Assistants and Research Fellows’ representative

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness Officer acts as its secretary.


Page last updated on 19/09/2023

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