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Housing User Group

The Housing user group is responsible for analyzing, discuss, advise and assist the Real Estate and Facilities Director in the overall management of: EUI apartment allocations, EUI Housing database and Any logistic/legal/social or other issues affecting EUI members in their access/use of EUI Housing service and apartments


  • Housing officer

  • Member of REFS assisting the HOS for Housing related issues

  • Member of Academic Service responsible for student welfare

  • Researcher Representative

  • EUI tenant representative

  • EUI legal advisor*

*to be summoned only in the event of a legal controversy, in which case the Committee will be chaired by an external lawyer


Residences Management Committee

The RMC acts under the supervision of the Pension Reserve Fund Board and reports to this body and to the High Council, assuring the full payment of the EUI debt to the Pension Reserve Fund.


  • Secretary General (Chair)

  • Head of the Budget and Personnel Service

  • Head of the Real Estate and Facilities Service (formerly Logistics Service + Building Service)

  • Accountant

Page last updated on 15/11/2021

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