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Joint Advisory Committee on Professional Incompetence

Comité consultatif paritaire de l'insuffisance professionnelle

The opinion of the Joint Advisory Committee on professional incompetence shall be sought for the application of Article 51 of the Staff Regulations concerning dismissal for incompetence.


  • The Committee shall comprise a Chair and at least two members, who shall be permanent staff members
  • The Chair and the members shall be appointed for a period of three years
  • Half of the members shall be designated by the Staff Committee and half by the Appointing Authority
  • The Chair shall be appointed by the Appointing Authority from a list of candidates drawn up in concertation with the Staff Committee
  • The Joint Advisory Committee shall as far as possible include two further members from the same function group and of the same or a higher grade as the staff member in question, designated in the same way as the permanent members.

Page last updated on 04/10/2023

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