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Sickness Insurance Management Committee

Comité de Gestion de la Caisse Maladie

A Sickness Insurance Management Committee has been created to streamline the procedures related to the Health Insurance Scheme and to make them more transparent.

The Committee's main functions are:

  • to examine the financial situation of the Health Insurance Scheme on the basis of proposals from the Community institutions
  • to propose or recommend to the Appointing Authority (AIPN) any measure necessary for the proper functioning of the scheme
  • to deliver opinions on the level of contributions and benefits in the event of significant changes in the costs of medical care
  • to deliver opinions on health insurance issues upon request of the Appointing Authority (AIPN)
  • to deliver opinions as provided for in the Rules of the Health Insurance Scheme.

Committee Members (pdf, FR)

Page last updated on 15/11/2021

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