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Diversity at the EUI

Promoting an equal and inclusive environment

The EUI aims to achieve equality, inclusion and belonging for every individual, and in particular those who face systemic barriers and discrimination in our society. This involves recognizing and seeking to combat structural inequalities and power imbalances in the world around us as well as continuously examining our own systems, behaviours, and processes.

The EUI has dedicated institutional structures and policies to provide leadership, accountability and ideas for integrating equality, inclusion, and diversity into all aspects of community life. These include equitable procedures, resources and training to support the recruitment of diverse researchers, fellows, faculty, staff, and senior management; promotion of inclusive teaching and education; and programmes and initiatives to foster a welcoming environment based on equality of opportunity and mutual respect for all members of the EUI community

In addition, various members of the EUI community have championed a range of initiatives that complement and enhance these formal efforts to advance diversity and inclusion. We are committed to learning from all members of the EUI community and invite you to share your ideas and perspectives to bring us closer to achieving these important goals.


Dean for EDI: [email protected]

Diversity Committee: [email protected]

Page last updated on 22/06/2022

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