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REDemocracIA | Debunking biases in algorithms: a cross-sectoral dialogue

Organised by the Chair AI&DEM

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02 February 2023

16:00 - 17:30 CET



This event is a unique opportunity to hear Ibero-American experts from civil society, academia and the public sector discuss how biases in algorithms affect our daily lives, and explore common solutions to address this important challenge.

In this session of REDemocracIA, we will discuss the growing problem of algorithmic bias and its impact on various areas. The event is designed to bring together experts from different sectors including civil society, academia, and the public sector to discuss the issue and explore potential solutions.

Algorithmic bias refers to the systematic errors or unfairness in the algorithms that inform decision-making processes, resulting in distorted outcomes and societal exclusion. It is a significant concern because these algorithms are increasingly being used to make important decisions in various fields, such as criminal justice, healthcare, or finance.

The event will focus on understanding the sources of biases in algorithms, how it affects different groups, and explore solutions to mitigate their impact, with a particular focus in the Ibero-American countries. It is an opportunity to learn more about this topic and be part of a necessary conversation to find solutions that can make a fairer and non-discriminatory use of algorithms. Given the pervasiveness of algorithms for decision-making, this seminar opens a cross-sectoral dialogue to tackle this problem. 


  • Paola Villarreal (Asesora del Consejo de la < A+ > Alliance for Inclusive Algorithms, Progressive International
  • Juan Ortíz Freuler (Afiliado, Berkman Klein Center, Harvard University)
  • Ariana Guevara Gómez (Investigadora, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
  • Sigrid Segura (ex Presidenta de la Comisión Nacional de Datos Abiertos, Costa Rica)

Moderated by Stefania Milan (STG Chair AI&DEM and University of Amsterdam).


Please note that this event will take place in Spanish. 

To participate, please register.

For any further information about the initiative, please contact Marta Cantero Gamito and Lucia Bosoer.



Juan Ortíz Freuler

Sigrid Segura

Paola Villarreal

Ariana Guevara

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