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Chair Artificial Intelligence and Democracy

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Our mission

We make sense of the evolving relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Democracy.

While there is currently little knowledge about what a future technological environment based on robotisation, digitalisation and automation will look like, the Chair on Artificial Intelligence and Democracy rigorously studies the potential impact of these technologies on democratic politics.



We examine the impact of technology on democratic politics.

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EU AI diplomacy

The challenge of regulating AI in the face of geo-economic competition.


What is the role and positioning of the EU in the global AI landscape? What multilateral efforts to regulate AI is the EU invested in? What global political and economy forces are at play? What is the role of global standard bodies? What is the role of the EU AI diplomacy ?

We will address these questions with the help of Dr. Daniel Mügge, Professor of Political Arithmetic at the Political Science Department of the University of Amsterdam, and Dr. Marta Cantero Gamito, Research Fellow, Chair in AI & Democracy of the Florence School of Transnational Regulation (European University Institute). The discussion is moderated by Dr Stefania Milan, Professor of Critical Data Studies at the University of Amsterdam and Research Associate with the Chair in AI & Democracy.

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