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Chair Artificial Intelligence and Democracy

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Our mission

We make sense of the evolving relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Democracy.

While there is currently little knowledge about what a future technological environment based on robotisation, digitalisation and automation will look like, the Chair on Artificial Intelligence and Democracy rigorously studies the potential impact of these technologies on democratic politics.



We examine the impact of technology on democratic politics.

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Policy Dialogue

The Democratic Challenges of AI

The Policy Dialogue “The Democratic Challenges of Artificial Intelligence” will take place in the context of the launch of the Chair in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Democracy.

In recent years, the rapid expansion of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on society, has become a vital topic for how world democracies will continue to be shaped in the years to come. This Policy Dialogue will address crucial questions relating to this expansion, debating both the positive consequences and negative challenges posed by this development.

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