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Chair Artificial Intelligence and Democracy

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Our mission

We make sense of the evolving relationship between Artificial Intelligence and Democracy.

While there is currently little knowledge about what a future technological environment based on robotisation, digitalisation and automation will look like, the Chair on Artificial Intelligence and Democracy rigorously studies the potential impact of these technologies on democratic politics.



We examine the impact of technology on democratic politics.

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Inside the AI Act

A critical perspective on facial recognition technology

In a time where the debate around the influence of AI is gaining traction by the day, it is pivotal to assess its role in shaping our everyday lives. This webinar will center around AI and facial recognition.

The EU AI Act, a proposed regulation of general-purpose AI and foundational models like ChatGPT, is expected to be the world’s first rules on Artificial Intelligence. Kick-started by the European Commission in April 2021, earlier this month MEPs have adopted Parliaments negotiating position on the Act. Talks will now begin with EU countries in the Council on the final version of the law. Adopting a risk-based approach to AI, the AI Act bans, among others, real-time and remote biometric identification systems, such as facial recognition.

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