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Research seminar

Division of Labour between Public Research Institutions, Biotech Start-Ups, and Incumbent Firms

During Pharmaceutical Research and Development

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29 February 2024

13:30 - 15:00 CET


Via Zoom

In this research seminar organised by the Crisis of Experts Knowledge and Authority Interdisciplinary Research Cluster, Velizar Kirilov, EUI Law Researcher, will discuss the commodification of academic research in the biotechnology sector and its subsequent utilisation in the process of pharmaceutical competition and innovation.

Research and development in the pharmaceutical industry is notoriously lengthy, uncertain and expensive. Research collaborations that pool resources and divide labor play an increasingly important role in the process of product innovation. These collaborations bring together public research institutions, biotech start-ups and incumbent pharmaceutical companies. As a result, complementary areas of expertise are combined and bridges between basic, translational, and applied research are built. Patent protection plays a key role in the pharmaceutical and biotech innovation process. Building a strong patent portfolio attracts venture capital, secures freedom to operate and equips with bargaining tools that increase the probability of seamlessly entering strategic collaborations. The presentation will examine the ways in which the different stakeholders interact to dispel scientific and commercial uncertainty.

About the speaker:

Velizar Kirilov is a PhD researcher in Law at the European University Institute and a member of Dynamic Competition Initiative – a research collaboration between EUI, University of California, Berkeley and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His research focuses on the intersection of competition policy, intellectual property and sectoral regulation in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. 

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Scientific Organiser(s):

Prof. Dr. Gaby Umbach


Elmaz Khalilova (EUI)


Velizar Kirilov (EUI)

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