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REDemocracIA | AI and the future (and present) of work

Organised by the Chair AI&DEM (STG)

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05 December 2023

16:00 - 17:30 CET



This event addresses the ethical challenges and opportunities presented by AI in the future (and present) of work, highlighting the crucial role of those who often remain unseen in the technology sector. We aim to foster a dialogue on technological advancements, focused on how to promote fair labor practices and human dignity in this rapidly evolving digital era.

In an era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) reshapes landscapes and redefines boundaries, in this REDemocracIA event we focus on its profound influence on the labor market, especially within the diverse context of Latin America. We aim to unpack the complex and delicate interplay between AI as a groundbreaking technology and the human elements that sustain it, emphasizing both the opportunities and the ethical dilemmas of the current and future impact of AI in almost every area of work.

Central to the development and deployment of technology is the often invisible yet indispensable workforce behind AI — e.g. the data annotators and content moderators. Tasked with the complex labor of training AI systems, these individuals are the cornerstones in the architecture of our digital future. Their stories reveal a contrast of essential contribution and disproportionate recognition, highlighting crucial questions about working conditions and equitable treatment in the AI sphere.

The discussion will also cover the overarching influence of major technology corporations, predominantly those from Silicon Valley, on global labor standards. These tech giants not only pioneer in AI advancements but also inadvertently shape the framework of work ethics and incentives. The emergence of the gig economy has reconfigured traditional employment paradigms, often at the cost of increased surveillance of workers and fluctuating income for an already precarious workforce.

This gathering is more than a conversation. It is a call to action for the ethical implementation of AI. We will discuss possible scenarios for a future where AI is a tool for empowerment, not exploitation. The discussion will also revolve around current labor practices, (dis)proportionate and (un)fair compensation, and (dis)respect for human rights of workers in the AI era.

Join us in this critical dialogue as we debate about future where AI equals ethical responsibility, ensuring that the foundation of Latin America’s and EU’s labor market are grounded in fairness, respect, and human-centered progress.



  • Milagros Miceli, Researcher at Weizenbaum-Institut (head of Critical AI Lab) and Distributed AI Research Institute
  • Omar U. Flórez, Senior Machine Learning Research Scientist
  • Claude Vergès, Professor of Medical Deontology and Bioethics, Universidad de Panamá
  • Aníbal Astobiza, Posdoctoral researcher, UPV/EHU


Moderated by Marta Cantero, Chair AI & Democracy (STG/EUI).

Please note that this event will take place in Spanish.

To participate, please register.

For any further information about the initiative, please contact Marta Cantero Gamito and Lucía Bosoer.


Milagros Miceli (Weizenbaum-Institut)

Anibal Astobiza (UPV/EHU)

Omar Flórez (Twitter Cortex)

Claude Vergès

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